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Common Garage Door Problems

Your garage door is composed of a variety of parts and components, any of which could malfunction at any time, resulting in a door that doesn’t operate the right way. There are many issues that affect the garage door, but repair professionals know how to remedy them all so the issues do not bring you down. Some of the most common problems with garage doors denton tx include:

·    Transmitter Issues; first, check the batteries in the door transmitters. You might be surprised to learn how many problems are resolved by simply changing the batteries.  If a battery change doesn’t resolve the problem, then it is time to make the call to the pros.

·    Sensor Issues: The days of running underneath the garage door are over, if the product was manufactured after 1993, since all new doors contain two photo eyes on each side.  The sensors can malfunction and prevent the door from functioning properly.

garage doors denton tx

·    Track Misaligned: A misaligned track is yet another issue that causes trouble, but it is fairly simple to realign the door, with or without professional help.

·    Garage Door Opener Problems: If the batteries in the garage door go bad, the door opener will not work. Check the batteries before doing anything else, though an older product could need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

·    Blocked Path:  If even the smallest item is in the path of the sensors or blocking the garage doors, don’t expect it to open and close properly. When the door will not close, this is the first step to check. Moving any items blocking the entrance should resolve the problem.

There are so many things that can go wrong with the garage door and cause it to malfunction, including those above. Call a professional when necessary and keep your garage door working the way that it should.

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