The Cost of Tattoos- Getting the Best Deal

Tattoos are a big part of identity for many people nowadays. As innovations and creativity continue to improve, there are now unlimited designs and types of tattoos to choose from.

Even though personal tastes and preferences are the primary factors that determine the selection, the cost is ideally a vital factor that one may have to put into consideration. Regardless of how symbolic or beautiful the design may be, if you can’t afford it, you cannot be able to get it. It is due to this reason that many individuals ponder how much tattoos cost. Well, to ensure that the cost doesn’t stand between you and the tattoo you have always wanted, it’s imperative to understand the factors that influence the price and how you can pick a good deal.

Factors that influence the Cost of Tattoos


The larger the tattoo, the higher the price. Large tattoos tend to consume more resources and time than smaller ones, and so, you can expect to part with more money for them. However, that is not always the case. Some small tattoos may be expensive due to their intricate designs, so keep that in mind.

The Artist

The price of a tattoo will ideally depend on the experience and skills of the artist you chose. The more skilled and experienced the artist, the higher the cost of service. A reputable artist will usually charge their services on an hourly basis, which translates to higher cost. However, an experienced artist is more likely to provide you with a professional service which leads to a more fabulous tattoo.

The Color

A single color tattoo will be cheaper compared to a multicolored one. The primary reason behind this is the fact that a design with multiple colors calls for more details. An intricate tattoo, as mentioned above requires more time and resources to draw. And even if the artist charges a flat fee, there will need compensation for the extra time spent on the design.

Tattoo Design

Sophisticated tattoo designs call for a lot of effort from the artist in order to get it right. For this reason, the more complex the design, the more expensive it will be. Simple or plain tattoo designs are simple to draw and thus tend to cost less. Custom made designs will ideally cost more than the conventional images or designs.

Tattoo Parlor Location

Parlors found in cities or suburbs usually charge more than those located in other regions. The artists know the individuals in these areas are wealthy and thus charge more for the service. Running a tattoo business in opulent regions is ideally more expensive due to things like higher rents. As such, the artist has to charge more in order to make profits and keep the business running.

Tips for Getting the Best Tattoo Deal

Shop Around before Picking an Artist

Tattooing is neither a new art nor is it a new skill. That means there is numerous tattoo parlous in a given location. These artists have varying charges, and some will be cheaper than others. A tattoo artist that charges way less doesn’t necessarily mean they offer low-quality service. Before you pick any artist, ensure you look around, compare the prices, read reviews, and settle for the most affordable one. Keep in mind that tattoos are permanent and so, you’ll want to do your homework. Click here to learn more about tattoo removal.

Go for Flat Rates instead of Hourly Rates

If things don’t go as expected and the artist ends up taking more time, you’ll have to compensate them for the extra time. For this reason, it is better to use an artist who works on a flat-rate instead of an hourly rate basis.

Do all the Tattoos in One Sitting

If you’ve already decided on having more than one tattoo and have the designs for each, consider having them drawn in one sitting. This gives you the opportunity to bargain all the designs in one package, thus costing you less than what you would have to pay for each of them separately.

Shop for Discounts

One of the most common and efficient ways for tattoo artists to marketing their service is by offering discounts. Whether they want to promote new artists or designs, they will offer great discounts, which you should be on the look for if you want a great tattoo deal.